Wood Flooring Information

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Choose The Right Floor

We have a wide range of wood flooring options to suit any application. From Engineered Wood through to Solid Hardwood floors, we’re sure to have the perfect flooring options for premises.

Choose The Right Grading

AB Select/Nature Grade Planks are selected to give grain and colour variation. There can be a small amount of light sapwood around the edge of the board. Small sound knots and smaller filled knots also add to the natural effect.     ABC Mixed Grade Popular in species such as walnut. This grade displays more... Read more »

Choose The Right Finish

Lacquer The top layer is spray coated with five primer coats and at least two top coats of Treffert aluminium oxide lacquer which is UV cured. The finish can range from matt to gloss. The result is a smooth hard wearing and low maintenance surface which enhances the natural grain and beauty of the wood.... Read more »

Choose The Right Surface

The V4 Collection comprises of many different finishes ranging from precision machined smooth sanding and modern staining processes to the hand rendered distressing and scraping done by skilled carpenters using traditional tools with centuries old techniques. Each process gives a board its individual characteristic. Brushed A steel brush removes the soft grain from the surface... Read more »

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