The Alpine Collection features a range of rustic oak and walnut engineered wood floor planks and our new Alpine Lock floors. Alpine wood floors are available in a range of sizes, surface finishes and colour tones to suit your preferred wood floor style.

Alpine Lock

Extra long engineered planks with slender proportions and tactile brushed surfaces, made with European oak tops finished in various natural tones and sealed with coats of hardwearing lacquer. Installation is simplified with the addition of a 5Gc glue less locking system.


Aurora is a collection of hand finished engineered oak floors which are available as a standard smooth planed board or with a choice of three different textures which include cross sawn, tumble distressed and scraped & sawn. Named after the constellations that light up the Northern skies the different colours are hand applied using various skilled techniques to produce uniquely beautiful floors which can be ordered in various sizes plank, herringbone and chevron patterns.

Aurora Flame

The extra thick European oak is first scorched with fire and then brushed to remove the charred grain, then further brushed and sanded to create a uniquely tactile surface upon which complex layers of colour are added using various hand applied techniques. The result is a collection of oil finished oak floors rich in texture and natural colour and unlike any other natural surface.

Baroque Design Panels

Decorative pattern panels were first popularised by the aristocratic houses across Europe in the 17th Century. The Versailles pattern from the court of Louis XIV being perhaps the most well known. The intricate patterns once laid piece by piece are reimagined and produced in these stunning large format engineered panels making installation simple so that this impressive style can be used in any interior space. This collection is available in eight designs each named after grand palaces and stately homes from the Baroque period. The rich variety of hardwoods and finishes are available in each design.


Our Chevron floors are a modern take on the classic 17th Century French Herringbone. Precision engineered oak parquet strips with a choice of two different angled header joints finished with hardwax oil.


Create beautiful surface design with lightweight and versatile Concreate wall panels. The pre-cast concrete panels, available in a range of tones and textures, can be bonded to any flat surface to create concrete walls, ceilings and furniture that appear just like cast concrete.


Beautifully crafted coloured wood floors created from an oak top layer which is lightly brushed to release the natural grain. Wood lye is then applied to bleach and colour the floors to create the deep lustred and distinctive oak tones and grain variations found in the collection.


The Eiger Collection was born from the idea of creating engineered wood flooring that gives the same robust feel as solid wood floors. The planks are made from a thick wear layer of European Oak. Choose from classic oak styles to modern grey wood floors and lighter white tones.

European Boutique/ Alchemy

Alchemy is the exception to the rule and uses a unique colour palette inspired by metallic tones. The European oak surface is lightly brushed so that the subtle colours fill the surface.

European Boutique/ Basilica

Basilica creates a beautiful sense of age and character. Planks are then tumbled and distressed and the surface includes cracks and open knots which are sanded smooth and hand filled.

European Boutique/ Empires

The Empires collection comprises of seven engineered oak floors which use the signature colours of the European Boutique with a rich application over a deep brushed European oak.

European Boutique/ Lineage

The Lineage collection comprises of seven engineered oak floors which use the signature colours of the European Boutique with an extremely delicate application over a smooth sanded European oak.


A collection of engineered solid hardwood floors designed with a colour palette inspired by walks through our ancient English woodlands. These unique FSC® certified oak boards are finished in the UK using a mixture of age-old and modern techniques that include fuming and reactive stain application. The natural tannins in the oak are drawn out to alter the base colour of the timber. Rich colour oils are then applied. The resulting character filled floors have a rich depth of natural colour with a beautiful, hardwearing surface that is robust and perfect for modern lifestyles.


Home wood floors feature beautiful, generously sized wide oak planks, designed with busy family lifestyles in mind. Created to offer the latest contemporary muted oak tones, the floors feature a hard wearing surface formed from coats of natural lacquer that make them ultra durable to stand up to busy home life.

Impressions Aged

These engineered boards are produced from aged oak, complete with unfilled knot holes and storm cracks. The ageing process takes several months before the French oak is carefully processed with a traditional band saw leaving distinctive marking which adds to the warm weathered and nostalgic effect.

Impressions Craft

Made in Europe, a collection of exquisitely crafted engineered oak floors. Solid oak surfaces are hand finished with multiple applications of reactive stains and coloured oils to produce a subtle natural colour way which plays endlessly with light and shade. What follows is a selection of planks, available in different widths and herringbone on request.

Impressions Nouveau

Sometimes amazing results can be achieved by keeping purity in mind and by adhering to a strict rule that less is more. Subtle tonal variation from a muted natural colour palette that delivers with engineered oak floors available in plank, herringbone and chevron formats.

Linia Eco

Linia is a new more sustainable way to engineer wood flooring. A precision thin cut slice of natural oak top layer allows the precious raw material to go further whilst the core is made of high density wood fibres from fast growing spruce. The result is a collection of beautiful oak floors with subtle warm tones and hardwearing finishes.

Natureffect Laminate

Our laminate wood floors are imprinted with a natural textured grain that is warm and tactile under barefoot. The durable and unique surface is the perfect rendition of a real timber floor. Perfect for everyday use in your home

Natureffect XXL Laminate

Natureffect® XXL Laminate Floors Imprinted and embossed with natural textured grain on extra large laminate planks making it almost impossible to tell it apart from solid oak floors.


Make a feature of your walls with the Panneau wooden wall panel collection. Made from reclaimed and recycled woods the decorative wall panels are available in a range of colours and patterns, bringing the natural beauty and texture of real wood to easy to install feature wall panels.


The finishes in this range are inspired by an enigmatic landscape that starts deep within the forests, spanning vast open plains to the distant coastlines, where sun bleached shells and sand worn driftwood wash up on deserted beaches. A collection of finely engineered oak floors in elegant formats. Perfect for large commercial spaces and available in dimensions that will also suit design lead home environments.

Urban Nature

The Urban Nature wood floor collection features rich textured oak surfaces, inspired by cityscapes reclaimed by nature. Hand finished techniques are used to create high quality wood flooring and the collection includes distressed, weathered, aged and contemporary styles.

V4 Accessories

Browse our extensive range of wood floor accessories.  Complete your installation with our range of profile bars, beading, nosing, adhesives and underlay. And keep your floors looking like new with our Wood’s Good range of wood floor maintenance and cleaning products.

Vestige Reclaimed

Reclaimed oak floor boards, beams, posts and trusses collected from ruined agricultural buildings. The salvaged oak is and expertly milled into engineered boards, some showing the wear decades whilst others are internal slices with deep stained markings that only come with the grain of aged timber.


Our Vittoria engineered wood floors are classic oak floors with modern rustic charm. Available in two plank widths, Vittoria oak floors offer great value. They are finished to a high specification using UV cured natural oils for a natural and durable top surface finish full of oak character.

Zigzag Herringbone

Design your floor space they way you want it with our modern twist on traditional parquet flooring. Zigzag precision milled engineered blocks have a universal fitting system that creates the perfect herringbone floor as well as many new patterns.