V4 has always taken an environmentally friendly approach to wood flooring, using only sustainably sourced timber. This means choosing V4 is not only a great choice for yourself, but also the planet.

We invite you to explore how V4 Wood Flooring is contributing to an environmentally a friendly approach to wood flooring below.

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Eco Certification

Over 20 years we have built a reputation in the flooring industry as providers of quality wood floors made with responsibly sourced timber and it is a reputation, we are proud of. With this in mind we have always made sure that all of floors are produced, only with wood harvested from well managed forests, with FSC®, PEFC® or UKTR certification.

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Responsible Forestry

At V4, we understand the detrimental impact that deforestation can have on the environment, including increased greenhouse emissions. To help combat this, we ensure the timber used for our floors is responsibly sourced. Oak trees from the well managed forests of Europe are harvested with forest regeneration in mind so that young trees can thrive.

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Wood Floors Are Good For Your Home

Wood is the only building material that is grown in nature with the energy from the sun that produces its unrivalled beauty and strength locking carbon into your home. As well as the natural aesthetic added to your home, wood also holds the ambient temperature of your home, so it’s never cold to touch and because wood contains moisture it helps to create a healthy microclimate to your home.

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Reducing The Flooring Industry’s Impact On The Environment

We made a bold decision 10 years ago to no longer produce solid oak floors as we considered it a waste of natural resources. Now we make engineered wood floors with just the beautiful top layers made of precious oak. By further reducing the thickness of the oak used, and using more fast growing woods for the base material we promote and encourage more sustainable practices into the flooring industry.

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Why We Only Use Real Wood

At V4, we base all our collections on our motto, ‘bring nature inside’, so we believe using real wood, as opposed to man-made alternatives, is truly the best flooring solution to have in your home. Unlike popular alternatives like Luxury Vinyl Tiles or LVT our floors have low VOC emissions, and are PVC-free, creating a healthy environment for your home or workplace.

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Specifying Wood Floors and its benefits

With the construction industry accounting for 40% of worldwide Carbon emissions, the importance of environmental sustainability in commercial developments has never been as important. If you would like to enquire about using V4’s natural wood floors upcoming projects, get in touch with our design team today by sending us a commercial enquiry here.

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