Actor and social media influencer Toniche Wallace completes a 1930s house renovation with White Smoked Oak Engineered Herringbone.

ZB203 White Smoked Oak

Actor and Social Media influencer Toniche Wallace and her husband purchased their wonderful 1930s home with the intention of renovating straight away. Although there were many great elements that Toniche loved about the house, including the vast size of the space and the old and traditional features that belonged to the home, they knew there was some work to be done to create this house into their dream family home. When discussing her inspiration, Toniche explains: “I’m inspired by the places I’ve travel to. I also used many hotel rooms as my inspiration”. Designing the renovation herself, Toniche utilized Pinterest coupled with a vast selection of samples to help make many of the vital design decisions. Soon, she was able to create a design that allowed the house to feel ‘luxurious, yet very cosy and clean’.

When it came to choosing the flooring, Toniche visited V4 World in Woking to view the vast selection of engineered oak floors our Surrey Design Centre held. It was imperative for the couple to find a floor that was not only filled with character but also capable of adding a luxurious warmth to the design. To that end, Toniche instantly fell in love with our new White Smoked Oak Engineered Oak and Cumulus Oak Natureffect laminate herringbone floors. These parquet floors both have a contemporary rustic style, that nods to the cosy element the couple desired whilst offering a beautiful and modern twist.

V4’s White Smoked Oak is a brushed, smoked and UV colour oiled herringbone that exudes contemporary style, whilst maintaining the warmth and variation a traditional wood floor has to offer. This beautiful herringbone floor is also FSC 100% Certified, which means that not only is the flooring milled from responsibly sourced timber meeting all UK Timber regulations, but it is also manufactured in FSC certified factories. This means that choosing this V4 Wood Flooring herringbone is not only a great choice for your design but also for the planet. As part of the deco parquet collection, White Smoked Oak is one of the many engineered oak herringbones that is also available in an engineered oak plank. When discussing choosing White Smoked Oak herringbone, Toniche recalls:

“It’s eye-catching and adds character to floors. It’s also so nice I wouldn’t need to use a rug to bring character, as the flooring does it alone. I’ve also always been a lover of the style and couldn’t wait to have it in my house. I knew it would work perfectly in my formal front room and playroom, because it’s the perfect colour of wood. It wasn’t too dark or light, it was honestly just perfect. I love the colour of the wood, which worked perfectly with my furniture. It also gave a sense of warmth and luxury all at the same time. I love the wood grain and gives a sense of modern/classic vibes.”

The ‘contemporary lux’ design style was achieved using a minimalistic colour scheme that opened the space and created a calming and tranquil interior. The downstairs walls are complete with Farrow and Ball’s Ammonite paint, which offers neutral tones, blending effortlessly into the design, allowing other features to stand out – one of which is the beautiful fireplace. This beautiful feature was an original fixture in the home, that has been renovated to fit perfectly into the new, contemporary design.

“I was inspired by textures and colours and how I would like the room to feel. I often thought about rooms I have been in before that I loved and drew from that. I wanted it to feel relaxed but seen as formal in the layout/design. I also wanted it to feel like a room you come to unwind, hence the games and white sofa.”

Toniche notes that with V4 Wood Flooring, she “loved the selection of styles and colours” that V4 hosted. With over a hundred brilliant floors, ranging from plank to parquet, intricate design panels and beautiful Natureffect laminate floors, you can be sure to find the perfect engineered oak or laminate floor for your project. To explore the entire V4 Wood Flooring collection, and order your free samples today, click here.

Whilst discussing what she liked about the floors overall, Toniche says “I love the durability, colour and effect they give” and mentions that so far, the floors have been very easy to maintain. When asked if the floors had lived up to her expectations, Toniche replied “Beyond my expectations, We fell in love with it at your showroom as it was new and the minute it was laid, I knew we made the right choice”, before going on to say:

“Our Flooring has been a big part of our home Reno and I feel that V4 has helped us to create unforgettable spaces within our house. Our flooring works perfectly for our living room, guest room and playroom and people are always complimenting it. The flooring gives the rooms the character that we wanted”.

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