Deco Smokehouse Grey wood floors add contemporary grey tones in this Derbyshire home

The lovely house was originally built in the 1970’s, replacing the previous Vicarage in the small South Derbyshire village of Rosliston. The property was picked up by a developer in 2010 who set about completely modernising and extending the home into a like-new condition.

When current owners Samantha Cammish and her partner Lee viewed the refurbished property they loved it. Samantha explains, “It was our first home together as a couple and this was the first property we had viewed where we both walked in and immediately fell in love with it.

“Generous in size with six bedrooms and five bathrooms it was certainly somewhere we could see ourselves living for a long time, and had a wonderful setting in the village. Everything had been renovated beautifully so we could just move in and start enjoying our new home.”

That was in summer 2011, and fast forward almost seven years and the couple were enjoying a holiday in Vietnam when they got a call from a friend who had popped in to check on the home while they were away.

“I guess it’s always a worry when you get an unexpected call from back home while you are away, and that was true in this case. She had been in to check on our home and noticed water sitting on some areas of the floor. We hoped it was just a minor leak, but when we alerted another friend to go and take a good look we got the news it was much more than that.”

Their large cylinder water tank had failed while they were away, repeatedly leaking its contents then going into a mode where it would refill and empty out again, completely saturating the downstairs of their home.

“We returned to find the ground floor of our home wrecked. It was mid February so the weather was really cold, and we were unable to turn any heating on in the house. All the floors were ruined and had risen up from the sub floor and water had started to spread up into the plastered walls. It was a mess, not the greatest end to our holiday.”

The couple were moved into a B&B while the damage was accessed by their insurance company and with a cold and damp home in the middle of winter were subsequently found a home in a village ten minutes away to move into temporarily while repair work was completed.

“It was such a shame to see the ground floor of our beautiful home have to be stripped back to bare walls and have to pretty much start the décor all over again. However, once we got our heads around it we had to crack on and make some refurbishment decisions quickly so we could be back in our home as soon as possible.”

The biggest decision they had to make was choosing replacement floors. The couple started researching for new wood floors and both liked the idea of something with grey tones to add a contemporary style to the home. “We were both agreed on oak floors and the fashion for grey tones was really starting to emerge. We are both quite meticulous and carried out extensive research. It was hard to find something that we both loved and had the ideal tone and plank dimensions we had in mind.

“We ordered samples of anything that came close and had handfuls arriving every day. We still hadn’t found the perfect match when we found the V4 Wood Flooring website. True to form we ordered samples of all of their grey toned wood floors.

“As soon as the Deco Smokehouse Grey sample arrived we both loved it. We had finally found the floor finish we both had in mind. Modern grey tones that still had lovely oak character running through it, and in a generous plank size for a seamless and contemporary finish.”

Deco smokehouse grey wood floors in derbyshire 11

The couple ordered the floors from Source Wood Floors. “The builder on the repair project was going to install the floors for us, but the guys at Source Wood Floors were extremely helpful, offering us loads of advice before we finally went ahead and placed our order.

“Once the wood floors were delivered our sub floor preparation and then the final wood floor installation was all completed in less than a week. It was great to see our home starting to take shape again with the new floors in place.”

Deco smokehouse grey wood floors in derbyshire 1

The new wood floors have been installed in the bright and welcoming hallway and lead through double doors into the large living space. The central feature fireplace in this room has been renovated back to an original brick appearance with the use of cladding, and the new exposed brick surface creates a lovely contrast with the more modern style of the wood floors.

“This space naturally sits as two areas with the central fireplace in the middle and we have created what we refer to as our quiet reading area as you enter the room, and then our lovely family space with our super cosy corner sofa and modern TV and wall units.

Deco smokehouse grey wood floors in derbyshire 6

“We got most of the new furniture in this space from Leather by Design in Staffordshire. We wanted to keep a generally contemporary style so went for a sumptuous corner sofa in a darker grey to contrast with the floors, and modern wall units and coffee table from their Natuzzi collection. I love the overall modern contrast against the exposed brick cladding we added to the feature fire.”

Deco smokehouse grey wood floors in derbyshire 9

Finally their home is back together after months of upheaval. “It hasn’t been the greatest experience but we now feel we have our home back. We were right to be fussy until we found the perfect grey toned wood floors as we both absolutely love the finished Smokehouse Grey floors. They look beautiful and feel naturally warm both to touch and look at. Friends always comment on them. They’ve really transformed the space, given it a lovely contemporary feel and we are so happy to have our home back in one piece.”

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