Family home renovation is complete with Foundry Steel engineered oak herringbone!

Social media influencer Scarlett and her family have a very busy household! After 7 years in their current home, the family decided to take a leap of faith and begin the task of designing the perfect space for their whole family to enjoy!

“Never in a million years when we moved here in 2013 did, we think that we would be knocking it down 7 years later. We did some work to it when we first bought it and, in my mind, I always thought we might extend above the garage or do a loft conversion in the future. We invited our lovely architect over to have a look and before we knew it, we’d opened a can of worms! We realised we wanted to create something pretty to look at with character and we just couldn’t achieve that with our old house, so we took the plunge!

 Scarlett’s new home is complete with our Foundry Steel engineered oak herringbone from our Zigzag collection. Each precision-milled block is distressed, stained & UV oiled to create a hardwearing finish, making this the perfect choice for a busy household! In addition to practicality, Foundry steel is also a great design choice due to the deep tones that provide a great depth and style to each room. After seeing Foundry Steel in Spacers Flooring’s showroom, the couple instantly fell in love, and felt the herringbone style was both timeless and traditional! To discover your local retailer and find your perfect wood floor, click here!

As can be seen in Scarlett’s Instagram account, each room is beautifully thought-out to create breath-taking designs, featuring “traditional, timeless decors, brass, blacks and golds”. Scarlett shares her design secrets below:

“Lots of mood boards, cutting and sticking, Pinterest also helped with ideas. I always pick one or two key pieces for the room e.g. The copper bath and monochrome floor tiles and then work the whole room around them. I then took 2 or 3 ideas to my partner to see what he liked, I found it avoided arguments because I liked all of the options!!”

With a beautiful open plan living area, the use of furniture is a great way to create defined zones, whilst still enjoying the flow an open living style can create! Scarlett explains her inspiration for a seamless design below:

Lydia Millen really inspired me with her dining table and chairs I thought they were stunning. We knew we wanted the kitchen to have pink tones in it, so we worked backwards from there with colours to compliment. The green sofas (from Knights of Beaconsfield) are a lovely green soft velvet with studs, I bought some purple cushions to tie in with the purple from the island. It was a slow process we had an outside bench for our dining table for quite a while. I really wanted to make sure it was right. I’m still not done either. I have sideboards to buy for either side of the fireplace!”

Scarlett’s Kitchen is fit with Paul Alexandra kitchen units and Housing Units bar stools and is complete with Farrow and Ball paint in the shade Great White. This Elegant design is perfect for Scarlett’s family, with a beautiful kitchen island complete with Housing Units kitchen stools and stunningly large windows that look over the garden, it makes a great central hub of the home. When planning the design, Scarlett notes:

“This was my most thought about area I would say. I wanted it to be perfect, the heart of the home. Again, our old kitchen was white, and I found it so bland and clinical so this time I was determined to have a decorative in frame shaker kitchen with some colour and features. I wanted something that would last for years, it can be sanded down and repainted easily if I fancied a different colour.”

Overall, Scarlett was able to use V4’s Engineered Oak Herringbone to create a beautifully seamless design throughout her open plan living space. Scarlett notes “it adds so much warmth to the room, the pattern is a real showstopper”. To order your free sample of our Foundry Steel Herringbone, click here.

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