West Sussex

Alpine Select UV Oiled Plank Installation, Petworth, West Sussex

Petra Ertl wanted to recreate the classic modern aesthetic of her home in Germany in Petworth, West Sussex.

Her design is sleek and minimalist and she wanted a natural floor which would compliment the clean lines  of her home.

She choose V4 Woodflooring’s A114 Oak Select/ Nature UV oiled.

“It was nearly the same floor in our house which we built in Germany.”

Petra was used to living with oiled floors which are also very popular in Germany, and she wanted a floor which was both beautiful and practical. The A114 is a great choice as it has a smooth sanded oak surface which is located and sealed with 3 coats of UV cured Danish WOCA oil. The surface has a deep lustre and a natural sheen which is easy to keep clean.

“We are very satisfied with the floor, it is warm and comfortable and feels great in bare feet.”

The floor was installed by Alan Marshall and his team from Carpet Contractors who specialise in carpets and hardwood flooring. Petra wanted to keep the existing feature of the house including the skirting board so V4 solid oak scotia beading was used to edge the floors.

Featured Approved V4 Installer

Alan Marshall, Carpet Contractors Ltd, Dorking, Surrey

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