Emerson Park, East London

Deco Smokehouse Grey chosen for East London home renovation to deliver modern, family friendly wood floors

This family home, located in Emerson Park close to Hornchurch, is home to Liam and Laura Clancy. The couple were undergoing a complete renovation of the home to modernise the space and make it more family friendly.

Removing a mix of old flooring types from the downstairs spaces, they wanted to find a wood floor finish that would work throughout the hall, lounge, study and dining spaces in the home and create a seamless and consistent flow to their busy living spaces.

With grey tones in mind they visited local flooring retailer Versatile Flooring in nearby Brentwood to see what choices were available.

Craig at Versatile Flooring met with the couple, and after hearing their aspirations for a wood floor with oak character and modern grey tones, showed them a selection of grey options from the V4 collection.

They were immediately drawn to Smokehouse Grey from the Deco range.

Contemporary and stylish the Deco boards combine on-trend modern tones with the authentic grains and textures of the real oak top surface.

The Smokehouse Grey finish is created from a 4mm top layer of real oak which has been lightly brushed to release the woods natural grain before wood lye is used to softly bleach the oak surface to create the muted finish. A final layer of coloured oil is applied to create the deep lustred tones of grey which exude from the Smokehouse grey boards.

Having made their choice the new floors were installed by Versatile Flooring in less than two days. The old concrete sub floors were levelled out with screed and a 3mm acoustic underlay added before the tongue and groove boards were fitted over the top.

The finished floors deliver beautiful modern tones to the family home, creating a soft backdrop which promotes and reflects the natural light in the home.

With a young family the durable top surface of the floors make them perfect for family life, and they work effortlessly with the soft neutral interior dressings that complete the living spaces.

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