Eiger Petit Walnut wood floors complete an open plan renovation in Hastings

Chris Waters has owned this Chalet Bungalow in Hastings, East Sussex for ten years.  Originally bought with a partner, when they parted four years ago he considered selling the house but eventually decided with a bit of work he could fall in love with the house all over again.

“I absolutely love having people round, entertaining and cooking for them. The original layout of the house wasn’t conducive to this, with the kitchen being the furthest room from the dining space. Rather than sell the house to find something that suited how I liked to live, I decided that with a bit of reconfiguration I could create the ideal open plan living space I wanted.”

Building work commenced which included moving a ground floor bedroom to the where the old kitchen was, which allowed some walls in this area of the house to be removed to create a natural flow from the entrance hallway, though to open kitchen, dining and living spaces.

“My interior design taste is pretty neutral. I like white walls and a simple scheme to which I can then add colour with furnishings. When it came to deciding on flooring I went to see Dain from Kiley’s Karpets. Old acquaintances, we’d even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro together last year, I knew he’d offer expert advice.”

Chris mentioned he wanted something a bit different with his floors so Dain suggested a Walnut wood floor. It was exactly what Chris was after.

“I’d looked at more traditional Oak options but the Walnut stood out to me as it’s got so much warmth and texture and is full of variation. The grains convey a deep mix of colour from almost black to grey and this produces a lovely contrast against the clean white walls and kitchen units.”

Eiger Petit Walnut UV Oiled wood floors have been installed throughout the living spaces of the ground floor of the chalet, creating a seamless flow between the open plan zones.

The 5 mm thick mixed grade American Black Walnut top layer is backed on a hardwood multi-ply making is very stable and also suitable for underfloor heating. The surface is smooth sanded to enhance the character of the walnut and then sealed and protected with UV cured Danish oil.

Chris treated the finished floors with WOCA maintenance paste which has resulted in a soft satin-mat finish to the floors which reflect the huge amount of natural light the south facing coastal home affords and protects the wood from UV rays.

“I am delighted with the floors and I love that the walnut wood flooring is something a bit different. I finally have the sociable open plan layout I wanted, which flows effortlessly by having the same flooring throughout. It’s so easy to clean and maintain, even Oscar my 17 year old cat is happy, sprawled on the wood floors as the sun shines into the home.”

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