Brighton, East Sussex

A Brighton house becomes more homely with our Home Collection Abinger wood floors

HC102 Abinger

The owners of this lovely Victorian home in Brighton have lived in the house for over 20 years and decided it was time to upgrade the flooring throughout the ground floor.

During their initial years in the home they had undertaken various renovation projects and it was about ten years ago that one of the last big projects, a kitchen extension, was completed. With all the major work done they went on to install bamboo floors throughout the ground floor.

The owners explained, “We had gradually completed work to the house after we moved in to update it to our taste. The kids’ were growing up fast, they are now teenagers, and it was great to feel settled. When we completed the major build project of the kitchen we chose to have bamboo floors fitted downstairs. It was a choice we would live to regret.

“One of the core problems was that they were poorly laid, but we found they would also rise and fall during temperature changes so we were never completely happy with them. We did however put up with them for over ten years.

“It was only when we had a local company here quoting to install some new shutters that we mentioned in passing that we would love to get the floors done but were a bit wary about who to use and the disruption it may cause. They recommended we should visit local flooring retailer Fabulous Floors who always did a great job.

“As we were doing a few bits of work to the house, and with such a good recommendation, we decided it was time to go for it and finally replace the bamboo floors.”

They visited the local retailer to look at samples and get advice. “We were after a darker oak tone, and also wanted something that would be durable, easy to maintain and work to our budget. They pointed us in the direction of a few different wood floors that they recommended would fit the bill and our budget and were kind enough to let us take home larger samples.

“Once we looked at the samples inside our home we really loved the unusual and warm tones of the Home Abinger wood floor. We have quite a lot of wood features within the home, including our freestanding Habitat kitchen units in oak, and what we particularly liked is how the tones in the floor blended so naturally against all of our other wood pieces.”

“We’d been really impressed with the advice from Fabulous Flooring and trusted them to do a great installation job, so we decided to go for it and ordered the Abinger floors to finally replace our poor quality bamboo.”

The Home collection features beautiful, generously sized wide oak planks, designed with busy family lifestyles in mind. Created to offer the latest in contemporary oak tones, the floors feature a hard wearing surface formed from coats of natural lacquer that make them ultra durable to stand up to busy home life. The Abinger finish embraces rich, golden oak tones for a warm and timeless feel.

Fabulous Floors installed the wood flooring throughout the downstairs of the house. The old bamboo floors were removed uncovering very uneven sub-floors.  They removed all of the furniture and the freestanding kitchen units before re-screeding the complete floor. “We actually moved out while they did this. We had no kitchen to speak of, or living spaces, so it just made sense. And when we returned our beautiful new floors were all complete, including new skirting for a really tidy finish.”

“They did such a good job. Finally our uneven and tired bamboo was gone, and in its place were beautiful real wood floors which looked perfect in all of the downstairs rooms.”

v4 wood floors in Abinger finish

The engineered wood floors feature in the entrance hallway, lounge, kitchen and study. The warm natural oak tones of the Abinger surface blends with the other wood finishes in the house harmoniously, and with a neutral wall palette throughout the home deliver an extra layer of warmth and texture to the spaces.

“We repainted a few of the rooms in the same colour we had before, just to freshen things up, and with the new floors and shutters now all complete the home feels modern and fresh again.

“The floors are proving to be incredibly easy to keep clean and are certainly standing up to a busy home with plenty of footfall from two teenage kids’ and all their friends, plus our dog and two cats. We’re absolutely thrilled and love living with our new wood floors.”


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