Woking, Surrey

Home Coldharbour wood floors add a warm oak finish to modern home design in this Woking home

After living in this cottage style home in Woking for over ten years the owners decided to give the downstairs living spaces a modern renovation, adding Home Coldharbour wood floors to complete the design.

Elaine, her husband and their daughter moved into this home in Woking some ten years ago. Built in 1913 as a three-bedroom cottage style house, an extension had already been added to create more living space to the downstairs of the home, so the family had all the space they needed and would look to renovate things to their own taste over time.

Elaine explains, “When we moved here our daughter was very young, plus we had a dog and all sorts of busy things happening in our lives at that time, so home renovations were not top of our priority list. We did eventually get round to doing the upstairs of the house, but were fine with postponing doing anything to the downstairs until we had the time to make sure we didn’t rush it.

“Whenever we would eventually get round to updating the downstairs it was something we really wanted to get right so it wouldn’t need changing for years to come. It was some ten years later we finally had some time to really focus on getting it all sorted. There was limited building work, apart from fixing some ceiling alterations we had made previously to reconfigure our updated bathroom into the upstairs layout, but essentially we were looking at a blank canvas for our main living space which comprised a large lounge and dining area, all in one room.

“Flooring was probably one of our biggest decisions. The space had really old carpets that were so ready to go and we wanted to replace these with a real wood floor.”

Elaine started researching ideas thinking that finding the right wood floor would be quite a simple process. “What I thought would be a case of ordering a few samples and choosing the best one actually turned into quite a challenge. Everything that arrived just didn’t feel right. They were either too golden, dark, cold, or looked nothing like they did on the websites I ordered them from.”

Elaine narrowed down her interior theme for the space to help with the wood floor search. “I really wanted a modern minimalist feel that would be quite a contemporary contrast to the cottage style façade of the home. I decided on light grey walls and grey furniture so I could then add accent colours and dressings to give the space pops of colour, and with that in mind I wanted a wood floor that had some grey undertones to it, but still felt quite earthy and warm.”

Home Coldharbour Wood Floor in living room

Elaine had seen V4 Wood Flooring pop up a few times in her search and when she discovered the V4 World showroom was not far from their home in Woking, and with hundreds of samples ruled out from other suppliers mounting up in the house, she decided enough was enough with samples and they would visit the V4 showroom.

“It was so refreshing to visit the showroom and see all of their wood floors in large format displays – I already knew at that point my search was over and we were going to get out floors from here. We could get a real feel for how they would look once installed and they all felt such good quality.”

“The team were so helpful and listening to my brief for a wood floor that had subtle grey tones but was still warm they led us straight to some potential matches. I did immediately like the Home Coldharbour floor but there were a few other nice options too so we were able to take some large samples back home to see how they would look and feel with the different lighting in the space at different times of the day.”

Elaine’s initial instinct was right and the couple decided to go with Home Coldharbour. “It really was just right. It had the grey edge I wanted to blend with the walls and furniture, but balanced with warm brown and yellow oak tones so the space wouldn’t feel too cold. It would be the perfect contrast to the lighter grey walls and also neutral enough to work with the pops of colour I wanted to add to the room.”

V4's Home Coldharbour floors in Woking dining room

The Home Collection wood floors are milled from specially selected European Oak. The oaks rustic appearance is lightly brushed to soften the grain but maintain a light, natural character. Colour stains are then applied which saturate the surface and give each finish in the collection its unique and distinctive tone, before final coats of natural lacquer are applied to seal the boards and provide a hard wearing surface that can stand up to busy home life.

Elaine instructed a local builder she had used before on a number of projects to install the floor. “It was pretty straightforward as once he removed the old carpet, which we were so happy to see go, the floor boards were in good condition and just needed a little bit of securing in a few spots before laying an underlay, and then finally our new wood floors.”

The finished space is now a lovely mix of light grey on the walls, finished in Little Green French Grey, with a light grey sofa and striking dark grey dining table which all blend effortlessly with the wood floor tones. Pops of colour come from burnt orange dining chairs and soft dressings. “We added a wood burner and made a nice feature out of the log store, an addition we love not only as it looks great but it keeps this room so lovely and warm without the need to have our central heating on.

Close up of Home Coldharbour Wood Floors

“I found most of the new furniture including the sofa and dining table and chairs from Vale Furnishings in nearby Ash Vale. Before I went there I had wondered if their products might be a bit old fashioned for the style I wanted but once I visited I realised they have so many lovely modern pieces, all quite unique, with a lot of it imported from Italy.

“We all love our finished living space and the floors are amazing. They fit with everything absolutely perfectly. They also clean really well and we recently put them to the test with a new friend’s puppy and they passed with flying colours which will help me convince my husband it is time for us to get another dog.

“I wish we had visited V4 World sooner as it made choosing our floors so much easier, but at least after all the samples I had previously ordered I know we have made the absolute right choice, and these wood floors will stand the test of time and be here for the long-term.”

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