A gorgeous nursery for the new arrival in this Suffolk home with Home Shackleford wood floors

HC103 Shackleford

This lovely Edwardian end of terrace home belongs to Stacey Dyer, her husband and two young children. With their second baby on the way it was time to transform the nursery and they chose Home Shackleford wood floors.

The couple moved into the home four years ago. Stacey explains, “We were living in a small cottage and thinking of starting a family so decided it was time to look for somewhere bigger, still in the Suffolk and Norfolk area. When we spotted this place on the market we loved the look of it. It was Edwardian in style and full of original features which we adored. It didn’t need any major demolition or building work but had so much scope for us to add our own style by completely renovating and redecorating the inside of the home.

“Our offer was accepted and we moved in in the November and found out we were expecting our first baby in the December, so we had definitely timed the move well. We felt incredibly lucky.”

The couple set about starting a long project to lovingly renovate the home throughout, using the original features as inspiration and adding their own modern interior design styles.

“This spare bedroom, which is now the nursery, was a bit of a dumping ground until our newborn daughter moved in. It quickly became a pink girlie space which she used until she was two and we decided to move her into one of the bigger bedrooms.

“For a while the room returned to a bit of a nothing room, somewhere handy for friends to stay over occasionally, but not long passed and I was expecting again and when we found out it was going to a boy we decided it was time to revamp the room and lose the pink.

“We decided early on that we didn’t want to go big on blue, but keep the room more natural and change things as the baby grew up and we knew more about his personality.

“When I spotted the Rebel Walls Bellewood wallpaper I loved it – it was really natural and earthy. I also loved that you could have the paper bespoke printed and my son’s name, Jude, appears etched on the trunk of one of the trees. It’s a lovely touch. Choosing this wallpaper really helped set the tone for the rest of the room.”

“The original floor boards in this room weren’t great when we lifted the old beige carpet so we were on the hunt for new wood floors that would work with the wallpaper. I wanted a darker wood floor as this would also blend nicely with a lot of the original floor boards we had restored in the house and stained quite a dark colour.

“To be honest I liked the idea of having new engineered wood floors in here, it would just be a lot more practical for a youngster and much cleaner and healthier than carpet. Matilda has also had a habit of posting things through the gaps in the original floor boards. If we ever sell the house who knows what the new owners may find.”

The couple started looking around for ideas and took a look at the V4 website. “We liked the look of quite a few of the styles on the website and ordered a few different samples. They were all nice but it was the darker earthy tones of Shackleford that we both agreed would be perfect.”

home wood floors with bellewood wallpaper

The Home collection features beautiful, generously sized oak planks. Created to offer the latest in contemporary oak tones, the floors feature a hard wearing surface formed from coats of natural lacquer that make them ultra durable to stand up to busy home life. Shackleford is full of deep lustred, earthy browns which emerge from the characterful oak top surface.

“My husband decided he would install the new wood floors himself. The room is only 9m2 so we thought how hard could it be. And actually he found it fairly easy and did a great job over one weekend. We ordered the Woods Good Eco Gold underlay from V4 and the new boards went down quickly over the top of this and the old boards as they were nice and level. We added matching beading to cover the expansion gaps and both admired his hard work, happy we had made the right choice.”

“The rest of the room features white furniture and softer colourful dressings. The cot was Matilda’s and we added a new wardrobe from Ikea. We used a Valspar paint from B&Q on the rest of the walls which is white with a very subtle hint of green. And the wood work is Valspar’s Victorian Tapestry which blends with some of the colours in the wallpaper perfectly.

“We took our time finishing the room over three months and were a little nervous putting Jude in there for his first night but he has slept really well in here since. We think it must be the natural woodland outlook he gets to enjoy with the forest filled wallpaper and earthy oak wood floor tones.”

“The boards are wide too which helps make the room feel bigger and they have been great to live with. Super easy to clean and just so practical with young children. We’re delighted with the room and to keep Matilda happy I had to set about painting the fireplace in her room pink so she had a little bedroom makeover too.”

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