Interior designer chooses Eiger Phoenix Oak Rustic White floors for her Reading home

PH102 Oak Brushed & Grey Oiled

Karla O’Sullivan has a keen eye for design and product specification as an interior designer, primarily working on residential projects. When she moved into her new family home in Reading, Berkshire three years ago it was time to use these skills to set about a more personal project.

“The house had bundles of potential and was in desperate need of modernisation having had no work completed on it for many years. With two young boys we wanted to create a contemporary yet practical space, creating a family home that would work for years to come.

“The property boasted a large entrance hallway that had the potential to be such a bright and welcoming space. The existing commercial style carpet in this area, which made the hall dark and unwelcoming, had to go.

“I already had a style of wood floor finish for the area in mind; something with a white oiled surface that would really brighten up the large hallway. With so many wood floor products in the market today, and at such a vast array of price points, I actually turned to my wood floor fitter for his advice.

“He has recommended V4 wood floors for years and endorsed both the high quality of the wood flooring and the great price. The fitter organised samples of V4’s white toned floors and the different surface finishes available. I was immediately drawn to Eiger Phoenix Oak Rustic White UV oiled planks. They had exactly the tone and style I wanted to maximise space and light in the hallway.”

The 6mm surface of this rustic engineered oak floor is brushed to remove the soft grain leaving a robust oak surface that is further enhanced with an application of white colour oil. A final coat of oil is buffed into the surface removing some of the white colour from the ridges to produce a striking inverted shadow. The finished effect is a pale white floor with a rich natural oak coloured grain running through it.

Karla installed the Eiger Phoenix wood flooring in the entrance, hallway and study of the family home. The project was completed two years ago and the wood floors still look like new.

“The floor is as laid two years ago, and apart from a normal regular cleaning regime, I have not had to do anything to keep the floor looking like new. With two young boys in and out of the front door every day I am so impressed at the quality of the product.  The floor is extremely durable, which is ideal in what is the highest traffic part of the house.”

“Having worked with lots of other wood floor brands in the past I am now a complete V4 Woodflooring advocate and have gone on to specify their floors in some of my residential projects and my clients have been equally impressed at the high quality and excellent value for money.”

Karla is director of Hen & Crask Interior Design, London

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