Chobham, Surrey

Cottage home design in Chobham with Landscapes Water Meadow engineered wood floors

The owners of this cottage in Surrey have completed a beautiful interior upgrade, remaining sympathetic to the home’s cottage features and adding Landscapes Water Meadow wood floors for a natural floor finish.

Located in Chobham, Surrey this lovely home is full of original cottage style features. Built in the 1900’s the current owners have lived there for over 40 years and loved the character of the property but decided it was time to update some of the interior décor.

They explained, “The cottage is fabulous and we love living here. The home enjoys lovely views over open fields and a wonderful character exterior. Over the 40 years we have been living here we have taken down various internal walls to create more open and flowing living spaces. This has been done on a bit of a piecemeal basis and flooring had never really been a huge consideration so we had ended up with the lots of messy transitions to different flooring finishes throughout the downstairs of the home.

“Where we had opened up the kitchen, dining space and lounge area we had a mix of terracotta tiles and sisal carpets, all at uneven floor levels, so key to this interior upgrade was trying to get a more consistent floor finish to give the spaces a more seamless flow.”

Choosing their new floors was the first step in the renovation and the couple liked the idea of a real wood floor. “It seemed a natural choice for the style of home and something that would last a long time as we wanted this to be our final major project on this house.”

Heading to the internet to look for ideas V4 Wood Flooring popped up and they could see the new V4 World showroom was now open, just around the corner from where they lived. “It seemed so convenient so without giving too much thought to what we were actually looking for we headed over, quite the wood floor novices.

“We were so impressed with the showroom, even the approach with all the lovely landscaping set the scene. We had very little knowledge of wood floor types and styles, or even what we really had in mind – we were just curious really. That first visit gave us such a good overview of the choices available and there was one floor we looked at that really stood out to us, Landscapes Water Meadow. The soft muted tones were lovely and really unusual, and we didn’t want anything too orange or golden toned.”

landscapes water meadow wood floors

“As it was quite early in the process we did go away and look at other options, but we really didn’t see anything that came close to the colour tones of Water Meadow – or in the same generous plank size which we thought could really open up the spaces. We had lived with different floor types and levels for quite a few years and really wanted these new floors to transform the space and deliver a bright and spacious feel. These felt like the perfect choice.”

With their decision made they got in touch with local V4 retailer and installer Surrey Floors & Doors to make sure their wood floor aspirations would be possible.

“They paid us a visit and were so knowledgeable and helpful. There would be quite a bit of levelling work but Victor assured us it was all very doable. There was an internal step within the downstairs layout which would have to remain and they suggested installing the wood floors on this with a matching nosing to maintain a seamless finish. It would actually make a nice feature.”

engineered wood floor step

With the floors taken care of the couple ploughed ahead with decorating work before the installation was due to start.

Creating a soft and neutral paint palette for the home a mix of Farrow & Ball paints have been incorporated into the design. Walls were kept light and clean with Shadow White, Light Grey was used on the kitchen cupboard fronts and the soft blue tones of Pigeon were added to the feature cabinet. Wimborne White completes the remaining wood work throughout the spaces.

“We had a palette of softly contrasting neutral tones in mind and the muted oak colours in the Water Meadow wood floors would complement it perfectly. The kitchen cabinets started life as pine units and we had changed the door fronts quite a long time ago. We still liked the style and they were in good condition so we decided a lick of paint would be all they would need.”

neutral kitchen with landscapes wood floors

Surrey Floors and Doors completed the whole installation, including all the levelling work, in under a week. The new wood floors now run seamlessly through the home from the entrance hallway and into the kitchen and living spaces. A warm rust toned sisal carpet contrasts on the stairs.

“We absolutely love the finished floors. They just feel effortless in the home giving such a soft and natural feel. The spaces aren’t huge but the light tones and large plank size has really opened up the house. It all looks so lovely when natural sunlight floods through the windows.

“The floors have been great to live with and are incredibly easy to keep clean, even in the kitchen. We’re thrilled, they are such good quality. The team at V4 were so helpful in helping us find our floors and the guys at Surrey Floors and Doors did a brilliant job installing them. We know we have made the right choice and have our perfect floors to live with for many years to come.”

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