The popularity of grey wood flooring has soared in recent years, no doubt for its clean and unobtrusive nature. Grey tones offer a beautiful, contemporary finish which works perfectly with most interior colour palettes.

Whether you are looking for a subtle grey hue emerging from a traditional oak finish, or more vivid greys to contrast with your current colour scheme, you’ll find what you are looking for in our collections.

To help you decide, we have handpicked some of our favourite grey-infused wood floors from the range, including plank, herringbone, chevron and reclaimed styles.

Types of Grey Wood Floors


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Grey Wood Planks

Few things beat taking it back to basics with the timeless look of wood planks. Our grey wood plank flooring is neat and tidy, offering natural oak grain patterning, brushed and stained to bring out textures and bright grey tones. Grey planks are subtle enough to suit most interior decor, from heritage to contemporary, but its real strength shines against modern accents.

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Laminate Or Parquet Grey Floor

Grey Parquet

Featuring designs influenced by 17th-century French aristocracy, our range of grey parquet flooring would be a truly exquisite addition to any home – especially for those looking to incorporate an ornate and unique aesthetic into their interior spaces.

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Chevron Gothic


Forming grey V-shaped battens into clean zig-zags, ideal for both modern and contemporary homes eager to invigorate their spaces with a touch of stylish geometry.

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Panneau Craft Herringbone Pine2


Not to be confused with chevron, grey herringbone flooring uses similar V-shaped arrangements to form interlocked battens that offer a blended and less stark approach to zig-zagged flooring. Grey herringbone can work very well in contemporary spaces and boutiques, as well as classic homes with a twist.

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Advantages of Grey Wood Floors


Sustainably Produced

All the timber we use to create our engineered grey wood flooring has been 100% FSC® certified – this means the timber woodlands across Europe and America that supply V4 are carefully managed and have passed UK Timber Regulations. Making our oak and walnut ranges some of the most sustainable on the market.

Grey-engineered wood floors also require much less timber than standard hardwood flooring, yielding 60% more material per tree, and thanks to how well our supply is managed, top quality is always guaranteed.


Easy Long-Term Maintenance

Depending on the shade you choose, grey wood flooring will show much less dirt and wear than other alternatives. If you live in a busy household, perhaps one with children and/or pets, we recommend opting for mid to dark tones, as lighter greys will need more regular cleaning.

No matter which colour you choose, all of our grey-engineered wood floors are finished using the highest quality, low-VOC lacquers and oils, to ensure a vibrant surface and long-lasting protection, as well as resistance to moisture and staining.


Complimentary Interior Design

The beauty of grey wood floors is that they go with almost anything. Chic and high-end designs and furnishings, as well as more urban or industrial decor. Grey wood floors complement a wide range of aesthetics, without being overbearing to the overall appearance.

If you want floors that look good but do not steal the show from your choice pieces or accent walls, then grey wood flooring is the way to go.

Suitable for Underfloor Heating

Thanks to our range’s highly flexible construction – featuring layered plywood and a precision-cut top layer of oak or walnut – our grey wood flooring can be laid over any modern underfloor heating systems, including electrical- and water-based circuits.

Grey-engineered wood floors provide optimal heat spread across rooms, promoting an energy-efficient heating system, whilst resisting temperature-based warping and resulting damage.

Our Grey Wood Flooring Ideas


Petit Grey Oak

A beautiful mid-tone floor, featuring natural oak grain and a mix of warm grey tones.

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UN102 598A

Wharf Grey

Full of rustic oak character and grey tones running through the natural grain of each plank.

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ZB103 2

Silver Haze

An eclectic mix of creams, greys and silvery grains, merged into a beautiful herringbone pattern.

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Can you get real grey wood flooring?

All of our grey engineered wood flooring is made from real, sustainably sourced oak and walnut timber. As for its colour, no hardwood in existence has a natural grey tone. However, existing undertones can be brought out using a combination of brush and stain techniques.

What is the best colour for wooden flooring?

The colour you choose for your engineered wooden flooring should depend on your space and your needs. There is no one size to fit all – some prefer a cooler and subtle tone, so opt for grey or driftwood tones, whereas others prefer something a little warmer, so tend to lean towards golden oaks and deep walnut finishes.

If you need help choosing the right colour for you, we recommend checking out our dedicated article on how to choose engineered wood floors.

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