When re-flooring your home, you may find yourself overwhelmed with options and variables. Carpets have the comfort factor but are tiresome to clean and, with pets, get threadbare very quickly. Hardwood is another contender, and when engineered the right way can stand up very well in family homes, but even so, You may be after a durable surface that does not require any special maintenance.

Options like LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) are also a go-to, simply because they are cheap and easy to clean. However, these synthetic alternatives pollute the air in your home with volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and the plastics involved in their creation impact the planet just as negatively. 

This is where laminate flooring rises to the top of the list, growing in popularity in recent years thanks to its versatility and reliable performance in a number of settings.

What Makes Laminate Flooring So Resilient?

Our laminate flooring consists of an extremely stable HDF (High Density Fibreboard) base made from compressed PEFC® certified softwood, which is then topped with a photographic image layer to recreate the colour and grain of real wood. The entire plank is then covered with a clear melamine resin layer that protects the flooring from wear and makes it incredibly easy to clean.

Flooring Built to Withstand the Rigours of Family Life

Laminate’s resilience starts with its high-density fibreboard core, but the real magic is the melamine resin layer we use to finish it. At 1–2 mm thick, this clear layer is far more scratch and scuff-resistant than most other alternatives. Especially for family homes.

This resin layer forms a stain-blocking barrier that keeps spills, dirt, and grime from penetrating the flooring. Laminate’s stain resistance means parents never need to panic over spills or stains, since its non-porous surface deters absorption and simplifies cleanup altogether.

Heavy foot traffic is also no issue for laminate, which is primed for shoes and pet claws alike, retaining its pristine, like-new sheen for years.

NE24 Wheaten Tan Oak

Hypoallergenic Floors for Healthier Homes

In addition to their impressive durability, laminate floors promote healthier home environments through hygienic, allergen-deterring properties,  a major benefit for families.

Laminate is naturally antimicrobial and inhibits bacterial growth. Without crevices for grime to hide, these floors stay cleaner between washings versus carpet or grouted tile. Laminate’s smooth surface also deters the accumulation of dust and dander that trigger allergies and asthma.

Unlike synthetic floors like vinyl, laminate contains zero VOCs that can off-gas into indoor air. The all-natural wood fibres of its base and resin coatings on its surface create no chemical emissions at all. This makes laminate flooring ideal for bedrooms, playrooms, and other areas where you or your children spend a lot of time.

Added Spill-Resistance and Peace of Mind

Accidents happen, especially in bustling family homes. And moisture can damage many flooring types over time. That is why innovative laminates like our Aqualock collection feature special water-resistant technologies, perfect for spill-prone rooms.

Aqualock laminate contains proprietary HydroSeal edge coating, which works to prevent water and excess moisture from seeping into its seams. The planks are also treated with a specially formulated AquaProtect core coating, for added resistance.

While no flooring is 100% waterproof, Aqualock laminate gives families some added peace of mind, as well as extra time to mop up accidents when they inevitably happen, with no costly repairs or replacements necessary.

Beautiful Floors You Can Afford

Most people would love to have hardwood flooring in their homes, but for many reasons find it impossible. In addition, genuine wood flooring comes with a higher price tag than other alternatives, making it inaccessible to budget-conscious households. 

Laminate flooring, however, delivers the same attractive look, feel, and warmth of real wood floors but at a fraction of the cost.


Hassle-Free Floors Even Beginners Can Install

Our laminate planks feature tongue-and-groove edges that simply click together without nails, glue, or special tools. The joints interlock securely, creating tight seams and a level surface. All with a satisfying ‘click’.

Floating laminate installation prevents the need to nail down planks or apply adhesives, instead laying right over minor subfloor imperfections. And if any planks do become damaged over the years, the simple locking system allows for them to be easily cut away and replaced.

You can of course rely on professionals to install your laminate flooring, and we would certainly recommend this for the best possible finish, but our range is still DIY-friendly, meaning if you have the skills, or want to make some additional savings on labour, you’ll have the option to handle things yourself.

Try Laminate Flooring for Yourself

When it comes to flooring that can not only withstand but enhance family life, laminate checks all the boxes. Laminate offers the warm, welcoming look of wood with unbeatable durability, moisture resistance, and easy maintenance. And its hypoallergenic properties promote healthier home environments for all.

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Laminate flooring combines easy care and lasting beauty, at family-friendly affordability. Discover the modern way to achieve your wood flooring dreams and check out our laminate flooring today, with its realistic textures and grains, along with eye-catching herringbone and chevron parquet patterns. Then order some free samples to see your favourites firsthand.

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