Bring Nature Inside – The Animation Story

Watch the full animation.

At the heart of everything we do at V4 Wood Flooring is a core value; to deliver real wood products that Bring Nature Inside.

We wanted to find a way to bring this ethos to life. Create a story that engages our audiences with the beauty of nature and strip it back to the essence of how our natural environment, full of organic wonder, has such an effortless place in our surroundings.

And so the origination of creating a captivating animation began. Working with animation director Effie Pappa, a London based award-winning freelance film and advertising Director, Animator and Artist – a story board unfolded where we would take our ‘inside world’ outside – back into nature to reconnect with the origins and organic surroundings that inspire our products.

The child that features captures the child in all of us – where the desire to explore and discover never ends. Creating a scaled forest set; intricately dressed with natural elements, we created the scene of a sublime and magical wood where our leading character is drawn into the outside world, curious and captivated in discovering how we effortlessly connect with nature.

Elements of the home uncovered in the wood are a reminder of nature’s natural synergy with our own homes and interiors – and how V4’s relationship with Bring Nature Inside inspires our range of beautiful real wood products.

The animation is a prelude into our contemporary real wood floor and wall solutions. Designed with nature in mind, and sustainably sourced, our extensive palette of wood floor and wall surfaces can be discovered in our latest brochure.

We hope our new website will enable you, just like our animation character, to explore and discover an extensive spectrum of natural wood products that will enhance any interior space and bring nature inside with stunning results.

See how we made the animation in these behind the scenes images.