The V4 Colour Series Issue 1 | Dark Wood Floors

Everybody has their preferred style when it comes to the perfect wood floor. Luckily the V4 Collection has something for every taste and to help you find your perfect match we’re bringing you a series of colour focus blogs.

First up is dark wood floors. Darker oak floors will deliver a contrast and natural warmth in any space. Conveying natural woodland tones, a darker floor is a stylish addition to a neutral or coloured palette, adding depth and texture to a room.

We’ve handpicked just a few of the dark wood floors you’ll find in the V4 Collection which include plank, herringbone, chevron and reclaimed styles. It’s time to add a darker dimension.

URBAN NATURE FOUNDRY STEEL. Full of beautiful rustic charm a mix of blackened and brown tones run through the grain for a naturally aged appearance.

CHEVRON SMOKED OAK. Chic and stylish, the tonal differences in each block create intrigue and texture installed in a contemporary chevron pattern.

landscapes wood floors wolverhampton 2

LANDSCAPES FURROWED HILL. Inspired by our natural landscape, the extra wide planks have an undulating surface for an earthy natural finish.

HOME SHACKLEFORD. Rich and velvety, the boards ooze a warm charm that deliver an almost muted dark oak effect which merges with a rustic but modern feel.

The Barns Frensham with Urban Nature Foundry teel wood floors

URBAN NATURE TANNERY BROWN. Warm browns with an aged appearance full of characterful grains and knots create an authentic rustic finish.

RECLAIMED BLACKENED HEARTH. Salvaged oak is re-purposed with timbers sawn into slices and deep stained markings added to enhance the grain.

zigzag foundry steel oxted 10

ZIGZAG FOUNDRY STEEL The rustic charm and dark oak tones come to life in herringbone format creating a beautifully warm and textured floor.

zigzag tannery brown manchester 8

ZIGZAG TANNERY BROWN. Warm browns, golden tones and rustic grains playfully mix when Tannery Brown is delivered in herringbone format.

ALPINE WALNUT. An alternative to oak, choose Alpine Walnut for a delicious mix of chocolate tones with the unique grains walnut wood floors deliver.

LANDSCAPES MOORLAND. Bring nature inside with the authentic wood finish of Moorland. Full of character, deep lustred grains cover the extra wide oak planks.

You can browse all of the V4 Collections and order free samples of your favourites here. Will it be one of these floors?