Everyday Cleaning Essentials for Wood Flooring

You can’t beat a beautiful, well-maintained wood floor for good looks, practicality and style.  And when it’s well looked after it makes a wonderful backdrop to any home and is a great investment.

When buying a wood floor you will spend considerable time researching types, finishes and styles to find your perfect floor that will look good and last for years. How you keep your floor clean has a big impact on those long lasting good looks, yet most people spend little time researching how to clean and protect the floor.

Sopping mops, steam cleaners, powerful cleaning products, are often used impulsively without any knowledge of the long term damage they are doing to your beautiful new wood floor.

The three biggest enemies of hardwood flooring are water, which can cause your floors to warp and loosen over time; scratches, floor finishes like lacquer and UV oil resist scratching but careful handling is still required; and cleaning products, these often contain harsh chemicals which strip the wood of their natural elements and destroy the protective finish of the floor.

These are easy enemies to avoid, and with just a little care in your choice of cleaning methods and products, wood floors are extremely effortless to keep clean and looking like new for years.

There are so many cases of deteriorating wood floors where harmful chemical cleaners have been used, often found on high street shelves.  There is no need to use a strong cleaner on wood floors. The products are harmful not just to the floor, but often contain ingredients harmful to humans and animals if contaminated, and are also damaging to the environment. A pH-neutral water based cleaning solution is your wood floor’s best friend.

The do’s and don’ts are simple for quick, effective and safe cleaning of your wood floor.


  • Sweep or vacuum your wood floor regularly to limit the amount of dirt and grit that may build up on the floor.
  • Try to use a brush setting or soft bristle attachment on your vacuum to avoid scratches.
  • Aim to wet clean the floor weekly using a very slightly damp mop or cloth.
  • Only use a pH-neutral water based cleaning product recommended for wood floors.


  • Don’t use a vacuum setting that could scratch the floor.
  • Don’t move furniture unless lifting it or moving it with protection pads underneath to avoid scratching the wood surface.
  • Don’t use excessive amounts of water which will warp and damage floors. It should not be possible to wring water from your mop or cloth.  If it is, it is too wet and may cause damage.
  • Don’t use chemical based cleaners, bleach, ammonia, abrasive cleaners, or anything that will leave a residue like furniture spray or wax. Not only will this damage the wood, but could cause possible harm to you and the environment.
  • Do not use steam cleaners. Steam is water and the high pressure and temperatures produced penetrate the wood, encouraging water absorption and long term damage to the surface finish and floor.

Pretty straightforward advice to follow!  But to make it even easier for you, V4 Woodflooring has just introduced the Wood’s Good range of cleaning and protection products.

V4’s long-standing expertise and passion for high quality wood floors now extends to a range of safe and easy to use cleaning products from the UK’s leading wood floor experts.  They make cleaning a breeze, whilst protecting your floor, and you, from the potential harm of certain cleaning products and methods.

The Wood’s Good cleaning kits, specified for oiled or lacquered floors, include a safe pH neutral cleaning solution and simple to use cleaning tools.

For more information visit the Wood’s Good website www.woodsgood.co.uk