The V4 Colour Series Issue 3 | Light Wood Floors

Next up in our Colour Series we focus on light, white and muted oak wood floors.

Lighter floor shades naturally create a smooth and calming backdrop that will work with any interior style. They are an ideal choice to make smaller spaces feel bigger, but are just as at home in large open plan design promoting light and bringing together all of the elements of a room without competing against them.

Introducing a muted foundation can also let you be a little more expressive and bold with the rest of your interior colour palette.

We’ve handpicked just a few of the our lighter wood floors which include plank, herringbone, chevron and laminate styles. Let there be light in your home design.

White Island Sand herringbone Leamington Spa 1

ZIGZAG WHITE ISLAND SAND. Reminiscent of an idyllic beach the textured oak surface is brushed and stained white with a natural pigment for a contemporary finish.

ALPINE LOCK SILVER SANDS. Ripples of soft silver tones form along the oak grains to create a beautiful light wood floor full of naturally calming tones.

DECO NORDIC BEACH. The oak surface is lightened and the natural grains are filled with white oils creating a unique deep lustered and muted affect.

URBAN NATURE LIMEHOUSE WHITE. The lightened surface of the oak panels has enhanced knots and grains to create a more weathered and aged appearance.

ZIGZAG NORDIC BEACH. White washed grains and light oak tones merge in each block creating a modern and muted finish full of light textures.

NATUREFFECT SILENT POOL OAK. A laminate wood floor that oozes contemporary light oak tones from the imprinted surface which is warm and tactile under barefoot.

CHEVRON MISTY GREY. Beautiful French inspired Chevron blocks where white and light grey tones wash over the natural oak textures for a modern floor finish.

CHEVRON SEASHELL. The top layer of oak is dark smoked before being finished with white oils which gives the surface a softened rustic finish and unique natural glow.

ALPINE LOCK JETSUM OAK. European oak is lightly brushed to enhance the grain and sealed with a water based natural lacquer to deliver a muted raw oak tone.

You can browse all of the V4 Collections and order free samples of your favourites here. Will it be one of these floors?