Follow the trend for lighter tones and muted wood floor finishes

Light and muted wood floors are growing in popularity.

They deliver understated tones that are the perfect choice if you don’t want your flooring to dominate your home – that doesn’t mean they don’t deliver on style though.

Lighter shades naturally create a smooth and calming backdrop that will work with any interior style – classic or contemporary.

They are an ideal choice to make smaller spaces feel bigger, but are just as at home in large open plan design, promoting natural light and bringing together all elements of a large room without competing against them.

Modern colouring techniques have introduced a spectrum of muted tones into wood floor design. Surfaces are treated to soften the character and the application of products such as wood lye then lightens and softly bleaches the surface of the wood boards. This produces a smooth surface where light coloured oils are applied to create distinctive, modern tones.

The V4 wood floor collection features an array of light wood floor shades. Here we’ve hand-picked some of our most popular styles.

Eiger Grand Oak Embossed Titanium White UV Oiled

An oversized board which maintains some natural character while delivering a smooth, almost white surface.

Alpine Lock Silver Sands

With a simple glueless locking system, ripples of soft silver tones form along the grains to create a beautiful muted affect.

Zigzag Herringbone Nordic Beach

Modern parquet in engineered oak blocks with tongue and groove install profile, Nordic Beach has gone through a process of surface brushing, bleaching and then layers of distinctive coloured oils give it its final soft beach like finish.


Deco Silver Haze Oak Rustic Brushed and Hardwaxed Oiled

The top layer of oak has been lightly brushed to relieve the natural grain then wood lye bleaches the surface to remove yellow oak tones and create a light grey haze.

Urban Nature Oak Rustic Limehouse White

Hand finished to create a distinctive surface, three coats of hardwaxed oil add white tones that enhances the natural light grain.

Eiger Phoenix White UV Oiled

After the surface is brushed to soften the oak character white oils are applied and buffed producing a pale white floor that maintains some natural oak colouring.

If these lighter choices of wood flooring interest you why not order free samples of your favourites, or visit your local V4 retailer to view full size samples. You can locate your nearest store here.