The horizon looks good with the new Landscapes wood floor collection

We are excited to welcome the brand new Landscapes range into the V4 Collection.

Landscapes comprises beautifully hand-crafted larger sized boards which give impressive scale to any size space and can be used with underfloor heating.

Produced with European Oak, the surface is hand treated to deliver unique colour finishes inspired by the natural tones embedded in our organic landscape.

The surface of each board is hand scraped, planed and distressed, following the natural contours of the oak. They are then washed with a natural monochrome hard wax treatment to deliver striking muted tones that will harmonise in any interior space.

Choose from the warm tones of a sun kissed Barley Field

Deep earthy hues of a Furrowed Hill

Soothing natural flow of Water Meadow

Or ever changing Moorland.

All of the boards have a 4mm top layer of CD grade rustic oak which is micro bevelled to all four edges.  This top layer is treated with three coats of UV cured natural oil which provides a beautiful finish which is also durable and long lasting. The floors are also ideal for use with underfloor heating.

At an impressive 2200mm long and 240mm wide, the extra wide nature of the planks will create a feeling of natural space and flow to any room.

Bring nature into your home. Order free samples and discover a new wood floor landscape, and then find your nearest V4 approved retailer to discuss your individual project and view larger samples.

View the full collection here.