Lacquered Wooden Floor Maintenance & Cleaning Tips

When thinking about your lacquered wooden floor maintenance and cleaning for your new floor it is important to perform daily maintenance. This is because wood is a natural material, due to this aging will over time cause the colour and even appearance of the surface to change. This process is referred to as “maturing”. In order to maintain your floors natural beauty it is advisable to follow the basic steps provided below.

Wooden Floor Maintenance and Cleaning Tips from V4 Flooring

  • Take steps to ensure that grit and abrasive dust do not build up on your lacquered wooden floor. Both of these if left on the surface can cause the colour to become dull and also scratch the surface itself. Dust and grit can be easily removed from the floors surface by sweeping or vacuuming the floor on a regular basis. In addition, placing mats inside and outside of external doorways encourages visitors and family members to wipe their feet, drastically reducing the amount of dust and grit which is trod into the building.
  • In order to prevent items of furniture from scraping the surface of the flooring, pads should be placed on areas where these items touch the floor. Placing pads also prevents scratches to the surface when these items are moved.
  • Any accidental spills of liquid which occur should be wiped from the floor as quickly as possible. In addition, water should not be left to stand on the lacquered floors surface. This is because wood absorbs water causing it to swill. This swilling can actually damage the flooring, reducing its stability. Stains which are caused by liquid should be removed whilst they are still wet. These stains can be removed by using a clean damp cloth.
  • When cleaning your lacquer wooden floor avoid making use of detergents which are either wax or oil based. You should also avoid making use of household cleaning products. This is because these items can cause abrasion, damage, dulling of the surfaces colour and even leave a slippery film on the surface of the floor which can prove dangerous.
  • If you decide to clean your floor surface with a mop and water, then ensure that you do not use too much water. Using too much water can cause damage to occur to the flooring through swelling. The best practice is to ensure that the mop is almost dry before using it.

Cleaning Tips:

When cleaning your lacquered flooring the first stage should be to either vacuum, sweep or dry mop the surface. If you decide to use a vacuum cleaner it is important to ensure that you make use of the soft brush attachment. If you decide to make use of a dry mop then it is important to ensure that any dust of grit is removed subsequently.

Using a mop or a damp cloth rinse the floor surface. Once this has been done wring the mop or cloth dry before applying Wood Floor Cleaner. Apply Wood Floor Cleaner to the surface of the flooring, ensure you apply a mist to a 10cm x 15cm surface area of the flooring. Alternatively, apply Wood Floor Cleaner to the cleaning pad.

Take a slightly damp, yet well wrung-out, floor cleaning pad and ensure the floor surface is thoroughly clean with your mop. Once you have finished on area, move onto the next area of the floor surface. If the cleaning pad becomes dirty, rinse it with water until clean.