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Using the form below you can choose a date and time slot that works for you to join a member of our team in a Zoom meeting. The meeting can last up to 25 minutes and we can discuss your project and help guide you through our products.

Once your appointment is booked a member of the team will contact you with a link to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Don’t worry, another link will be sent at your appointment time and all you have to do is click on the link to access the meeting.

Get the most from our meeting

To get the most from your meeting we recommend that you take a look through our collections and make a note of the products you would like to look at in more detail.

If you like you can order some free samples and a brochure, waiting until they arrive to book your appointment.

What you will need

We recommend using a desktop PC, laptop or tablet with Webcam so you can get the best experience from your meeting as we will be able to show you images and web pages with better clarity. But don’t worry a smart phone will do the job.

If you haven’t used Zoom before it is worth visiting the Zoom website and downloading the app for your preferred device and use it to arrange a practise meeting with a friend of family member so you are familiar with the process.

We look forward to meeting you online soon


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