Rubio Monocoat All Natural Wood Cleaner

Rubio Monocoat All Natural Wood Cleaner is a safe, durable and user-friendly cleaner for all oiled surfaces. The microbiological characteristics of the product and the active microorganisms ensure that the All Natural Wood Cleaner is self-cleaning and has a long-term after-effect. This means that there is less new soiling, which is also easy to remove during the next cleaning. The product cleans the surface without building up a layer and ensures that the matte, natural look of the wood is preserved. In addition, the All Natural Wood Cleaner is highly concentrated and therefore extremely economical. Finally, the product is very ecological and leaves no traces when discarded.

Highly concentrated and extremely economical (up to ± 30 cleaning sessions per packaging)

Non-film forming and leaves no soap residues

Long-term after-cleaning thanks to the active microorganisms

Can reduce the cleaning frequency if used correctly and regularly

Low-foaming • Dissolves the most stubborn everyday soiling

Preserves the matte and natural look of the wood • Ideal in combination with all professional scrubber driers


0% VOC

Can be stored for up to 24 months.

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