Natureffect® Parquet, Laminate Herringbone. Registered embossed herringbone laminate that looks and feels just like real hardwood. Sealed with an ultra tough A6 rated coating the large scaled blocks, simply click together for an easy floated installation. Perfect for high traffic areas. Made sustainably these floors are PEFC® certified. 

Natureffect Laminate

As much as we love engineered wood flooring, we understand it might not be suitable for every design brief or home. V4 Wood Flooring’s solution to this is Natureffect Laminate! At V4 we have an excellent collection of laminate flooring, available in plank and herringbone! With nearly 25 different options to choose from, you are certain to find a perfect alternative to engineered wood flooring! And what is more, our beautifully rendered laminate floors are crafted to look and feel like natural hardwood, with registered embossed top layers creating an authentic grain texture! Explore our Natureffect Laminate collections today!

What is Natureffect Laminate?

Our Natureffect Laminate wood floors are made from natural pine fibres, compressed to form a dense and stable base on which perfect renditions of hardwood boards are imprinted and then sealed with grain textured ultra-durable PU coating. Thanks to this registered embossed top layer, the result is a beautifully crafted laminate floor that looks and feels like natural hardwood!

What are the advantages of Natureffect Laminate?

V4 Wood Flooring’s Natureffect Laminate is a great alternative to engineered wood flooring! Not only is it a lower price, making it perfect for renovations on a budget, but it also requires very minimal maintenance. What is more, all our laminate floors come complete with a 5G locking system, meaning that installation couldn’t be easier – a perfect flooring choice for your next DIY job! To watch our video on how to install your Natureffect Laminate Flooring, click here!

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