We have been precision-crafting engineered wood flooring for generations, and our bespoke Tundra Chevron collection is particularly special – plus, with a 35-year domestic guarantee, you know it is a range you can trust.

Using the very best cuts of European oak, we have carefully adapted the traditional chevron parquet styling to incorporate V4’s signature engineered wood base. This ensures lasting durability that standard hardwood floors cannot provide on their own.

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What is Chevron Engineered Wood Flooring?

‘Chevron’ is a type of parquet flooring, very much like ‘Herringbone’, it consists of small rectangular cuts of hardwood arranged in a V pattern.

Our Tundra Chevron stands apart from other parquet floorings because it is made using engineered wood. We start with the best cuts of European oak and strengthen them using a multi-ply wooden base. The surface layer, or ‘lamella’, provides the hardwood look while our base increases durability and ensures your chevron wood flooring lasts.



The Key Features of Chevron Engineered Wood Flooring

Perfect for Underfloor Heating

As a form of engineered wood flooring, our Tundra Chevron range works efficiently with all modern underfloor heating systems, including electrical and hot-water variations.

All wood flooring will expand and contract when in contact with changing temperatures and moister levels – and these contributing factors are a big part of underfloor heating systems. However, the oak lamella we use at V4 fluctuates much less than other forms of hardwood.

This makes our Tundra Chevron a brilliant choice for homes that do not want to overhaul their underfloor systems but still want the option of new wooden flooring.


Aesthetic Versatility

Parquet flooring is instantly recognisable thanks to its intricate geometric layout. Unlike the narrowing effect that comes with standard planks, the 45-degree angles of our Tundra Chevron flooring achieves a sort of optical illusion that creates the look of spaciousness. Making it a perfect choice for hallways or rooms that need expanding visually.


Tongue & Groove Fittings

Traditional chevron parquet is notoriously tricky to install right, which makes it a much costlier wood flooring option. The best thing about our Tundra Chevron is that thanks to its engineered wooden base, we are able to utilise tongue & groove fittings.

This simple but effective locking system makes installation quick and easy, and guarantees a pattern with a precise finish every time.


UV Oil Finish

Similar to a lacquered finish but with added depth and mattifying. Our UV oil finishes provide an extra protective layer to your chevron engineered wood flooring and help it to better resist dirt and dampness, whilst bringing out the natural features of the wood itself.

Our UV oil finishes ensure easy maintenance in the long term, and preserve your new chevron flooring for many years to come.




Traditional chevron flooring is made of individual planks cut and arranged to create the signature V patterning. Our Tundra Chevron is fitted on an engineered wooden base, which means the cuts of hardwood must already be joined (for optimal convenience).

In order to achieve the unbeatable look of individual planks, we carefully bevel every edge of our chevron lamellas, creating a clean-lined finish whilst illuminating the cons of traditional chevron – such as excessive warping over time and heat-loss through the gaps in the floorboards.


Why V4 Wood Flooring?

35-Year Domestic Use Guarantee

We are confident in the quality and longevity of our Tundra Chevron, as well as the rest of our engineered wooden flooring – which is why this generous guarantee stretches across our entire range. When you choose V4 Wood Flooring, you are choosing vitality.


Absolute Sustainability

Our Tundra Chevron being FSC© certified, which means we source all of our timber from managed forests, which makes our wooden flooring infinitely more sustainable than other alternatives. We specialise in engineered wooden flooring because it takes environmental friendliness one step further.

Traditional hardwood planks are often cut between 14 and 22 mm thick, whereas our top layer planks are cut between 2 and 6 mm – the rest of the heft is made up by our multi-ply base. This distinct difference means our trees yield 60% more usable material than those harvested for standard hardwood flooring.



See Instant Results

With our Room Visualiser, you can upload photos of the rooms in your home and see exactly how our Tundra Chevron range will look. We have made sure to design this feature with as much care and attention as we do our flooring ranges, with a specific emphasis on accessibility and intuitiveness.

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The best way to maintain chevron engineered wood flooring?

Using various methods of low-VOC finishes – UV oil in the case of Tundra Chevron – we ensure that future maintenance is not excessive. These carefully formulated finishes also highlight the natural beauty of the wood itself.

Even so, a small amount of maintenance will be required in order to truly future-proof your new chevron engineered wood flooring. After installation, make sure to:

  • Sweep and vacuum regularly to reduce the risk of embedded debris and abrasion
  • Avoid crossing with heavy-duty or dirty outdoor footwear
  • Apply pads to your furniture to minimise scratches and scuffs
  • Clean up spillages and avoid leaving water puddles for long periods
  • Opt for specialist floor cleaners over harsher household alternatives
  • Vacuum before washing your floors to avoid staining
  • Use non-abrasive mops and cloths for cleaning

Note: Do not use steam cleaners.


The best way to prepare for my chevron engineered wood flooring installation?

Before your Tundra Chevron flooring arrives, make sure that all building work and decorating has been completed and given time to dry properly, as once the flooring has been fitted it will need to be left for a day before taking any weight.

Once your flooring arrives, keep the planks in their original packaging and place them in, or as near to, the room of their installation. Do not attempt to unpack or fit the planks for between 48 and 72 hours – this will give the wood time to properly acclimatise, which is vital for preventing damage and imperfections during or after setting.


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