We have a wide range of wood flooring options to suit any application. From Engineered Wood through to Laminate floors, we’re sure to have the perfect flooring options for you.


Choose the right grading

Only the finest European timber is selected for our wood floors and each piece is grown in nature and therefore unique and selected for its natural beauty, find out more about the different characteristics.

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Choose the right finish

Our wood floors are finished with either lacquer or oil. Lacquer is strong and hard wearing and requires little maintenance while oil produces an extremely natural aesthetic and can be enhanced and repaired easily.

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Choose the right surface

Wood is perhaps the most tactile of materials with a surface that can planed smooth or given texture with brushing to enhance its natural grain. There are many ways we can accentuate this natural surface.

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Choose the right format

We have many formats ranging from single strip planks to intricate parquet such as herringbone, chevron and design panels, all our floors are engineered with precision to work in any space.

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