We have many formats ranging from single strip planks to intricate parquet such as herringbone, chevron and design panels, all our floors are engineered with precision to work in any space.

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Plank or one strip floors are available in many different widths and lengths and are usually bevel edged to visually define each board. Engineered Planks can be installed as floated or fully bonded floors.

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Usually fitted with left and right blocks to form the distinctive herringbone pattern, the Deco Parquet range has universal blocks which can be used to make different patterns. Installation is fully bonded.

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45 degree chevron is referred to as French point and forms an unbroken zigzag pattern. If the angle is less (e.g. 30 or 22.5 degrees) this style of chevron is sometimes called Hungarian point. Such patterns must be fully bonded to the sub-floor.

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Design Panel

Traditionally these are square panels but with modern milling techniques we have a wide range of Geometric shapes on offer. The panels are simple to install using a flexible adhesive.