Choose the right surface

The V4 Collection is comprised of many different finishes ranging from precision machined smooth sanding and modern staining processes to the hand rendered distressing and scraping done by skilled carpenters using traditional tools with centuries old techniques. Each process gives a board its individual characteristic.

Choose a surface


A steel brush removes the soft grain from the surface layer creating a textured surface which enhances the beauty of the natural grain. Brushing is often used with satined products.

Hand Scraped

This process can only be done well by experienced craftsmen using traditional hand tools to scrape out the soft grain whilst expertly following the woods natural contours. The result is an undulating smooth surface.


To create this effect various methods are used to give the wood an aged well used appearance also that of a board milled using rudimentary rustic tools. The skill is in making the distressing look natural.


Stain is applied by rollers and buffed in to penetrate the top surface of the board and then sealed with either oil or lacquer creating some stand out floors.


Timber is stored in drying rooms filled with ammonia vapour or‚ Smoke for up to 3 days until the wood colour darkens. This means that the floor keeps its rich colour even after refinishing.

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